Reusable nappies: for or against

Reusable diapers are becoming increasingly popular. The main arguments for the purchase of such hygiene products for their babies mummies are, first of all, economyAnd then to environmental friendliness.

When choosing a method and means to care for the baby should be based on the security of the chosen method. And whether reusable diapers safe, try to understand.


According to the manufacturer, one set of the disposable diaper liners and three substitutes to 200 disposable. And the kid for a period of up to 2 - 3 years, quite a few sets. And before that age in the care of a baby can be a decent save.

Reusable nappies: what it is and what it consists of?

All reusable nappies are made on the same principle: it is special not get wet pants with liners, absorbent moisture. Inserts are of three types: cotton, fleece and combined with a carbon content.

The advantages of reusable diapers

For most modern moms main arguments when choosing reusable feminine hygiene products as Alternatively, disposable diapers are visible to save money and dreams that the child begins to ask before on the pot.

According to pediatricians, baby consciously may ask to use the toilet or after two years, and it has no relationship to the use of diapers. Yes, he will be in a disposable dry and more comfortable, but it only affect his behavior (he will be more calm and cheerful) and nothing more.


If we consider the profitability of reusable hygiene products as a virtue, it is undeniable, despite the high cost of the same sets. But consider the fact that when you have to spend money buying not only once, but the increase in the cost of funds for washing, water and electricity. In any case, if you count the difference in costs, it is essential.

From the viewpoint of ecology and environmental protection reusable diapers also benefit because they are easy to recycle due to their use in the manufacture of natural fibers and components.

Disadvantages reusable diapers

Such hygiene though and significantly save the family budget, according to pediatricians and many experienced mothers it is better not to use all the time. And in some cases it is better to give them up altogether in favor of the disposable. There are several reasons.



The main task of the diaper - saving dryness and leakage protection. And often can not cope with it reusable protection: they can not absorb as much moisture and at the same rate as disposable.

The accumulation of bacteria

Contrary to the assurances of manufacturers over the fact that the liners can be used an unlimited number of times, this is not true. Firstly, with frequent washing they lose their form, shape, softness and absorption properties. Second, over time accumulates liner bacteria that remain viable for a long time, sometimes for years. A heat treated (boiled and ironed) can not be.



Due to the fact that the reusable Podguzov not able to fully absorb the baby feces, a warm and moist environment with incredible speed multiplying bacteria and fungal microorganisms. It contributes to the development of diaper dermatitis, which is especially dangerous for children with sensitive skin and a tendency to atopic dermatitis.

Also, a significant drawback is reusable diapers that caring for them takes a lot of time: They need to be replaced more frequently, wash and dry. And not every modern mom is ready for such victims, it's time to spend on communication with the child or a favorite.

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