Grudnichkovy massage: basic principles and rules

Intellectual development of baby's first year of life is closely connected with its physical development. The more actively engage parents with infants, the faster it develops. Further develop the child's first year of life can be with the help of massage. We'll tell you about the main principles of restorative massage.

What makes a child massage grudnichkovy? What is it useful? How to carry out complex home? And what are the contraindications for massage for infants? Read about it on


What are the types of massage?
There are two types of massage: preventive and curative. First parents can hold their own homes for the overall development of the child. The latter takes a specialist for treatment. Indications to it can be very different: from birth injury up to torticollis. Each of them included a small gym. We will talk about preventive home massage, which can be done over the baby.


When to start?
The first set of home massage, you can start from the month of baby's life. They will be sent

on muscle relaxation, Lowering their tone and get rid of the child from the problems with the belly. Some experts recommend to massage complexes, others advise to perform certain tricks every day.


  • infectious diseases in the acute stage;
  • pain;
  • skin rash;
  • Body temperature is above 37.5 degrees.

How to massage?

  • Complex is performed in a bright, well-ventilated room at a temperature of 20-22 degrees.
  • The child must be based on a solid surface.
  • Before the start of mom or dad need to wash your hands with soap and warm them up.
  • On the hand a little baby oil applied.
  • Massage begins with stroking. The main reception preventive massage - stroking.

Important to remember:massages are performed within 40 minutes after a meal or 30 minutes before a meal. The child should be in a good mood. By massage time lasts from 5 to 20 minutes.

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