Sinister pielonifrit: how to treat and protect kidneys

Pielonifrit often begins with the usual hypothermia: a long time waiting for the bus, plus the body, weakened by stress or recent myocardial SARS - and that's already in danger of kidney. How to protect yourself?

Reason pyelonephritis - infection. She gets into the kidneys or the ascending path (through the urethra, bladder and ureter), or through blood - from another source of inflammation in the body. Pyelonephritis can pick up even after the SARS banal, carried on the feet.

Who is at risk

Ironically, women are more vulnerable. Women have a short urethra, through which the infection penetrates into the bladder and cause inflammation there. Easy cystitis, which in time did not pay attention, it can lead to the development of pyelonephritis.

Anxiety symptoms pielonifrity

Pyelonephritis starts badly. The temperature rises to 38-400, there are chills, back pain, weakness, problems with urination.

The chronic form of pyelonephritis can occur almost asymptomatic for years. Often find it by accident. Recognize chronic pyelonephritis is not easy: from time to time appearing back pain may well be confused with sciatica or gastritis if they give in the stomach.

How to find the causative agent pielonifrity

  • inflammation of the kidneys in any case can not be ignored. After a kidney infection can spread throughout the body. As pyelonephritis, if left untreated, may eventually lead to kidney failure and in irreversible changes in the kidneys.
  • To diagnose the disease in the first place examine the blood and urine. The general analysis of blood, as a rule, sharply increased the number of white blood cells. The general analysis of urine protein appears, the white blood cells and bacteria (normal urine should be sterile). In addition, conducted ultrasound of the kidneys and bacteriological urinalysis. It is necessary to understand exactly what the pathogen led to the development of the inflammatory process in the kidneys and how it must be fought with antibiotics with him.

Sinister pielonifrit: how to treat and protect the kidneys /

7 golden rules of healthy kidneys

  • Maintain a healthy weight and move more. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing kidney disease.
  • Control your blood sugar. About half of people with diabetes will develop chronic kidney disease, it is especially important to 1 once a year examination of the kidneys.
  • Control your blood pressure. Hypertensive heart disease - the most common cause of kidney damage.
  • Drink at least 1-1.5 liters of water per day. Never replace water juices or sweet drinks.
  • Do not smoke. Nicotine reduces the blood flow to the kidneys and inhibits their function. Smoking can lead to renal cancer.
  • Do not take medications without a doctor's prescription. Many of them have a negative effect on the kidneys.
  • Pass the medical examination and be tested regularly.

How to cure pielonifrit

  1. Pyelonephritis treated with antibiotics and strictly under the supervision of a nephrologist. Antibiotics are prescribed in combination with anti-inflammatory drugs, phytotherapy. Positive results may appear on the 3-5th day,
  2. Antibiotics can not undo, it is important to take the full course. Treated, should be regularly observed at the nephrologist.
  3. Mandatory recovery conditions - drinking plenty of fluids and a diet that excludes fatty, spicy food, alcohol, sugar and salt. That is, foods and drinks that irritate the wall of the renal pelvis.

They love the kidneys?

Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs. For good work the kidneys needs magnesium (nuts, seeds) and vitamin A (carrots, sweet peppers, sea buckthorn, parsley, dill). Kidney also like saltwater fish, cucumbers, pumpkins, apples, buckwheat and oatmeal. Useful for kidney and legumes. Their constituent substances prevent the formation of stones.

Drinking plenty of fluids. If you have problems with the kidneys, the day should drink up to 2.5 liters depending on the weight. Better if it will be cranberry juice (cranberry anti-inflammatory effect), herbal teas, green tea, water. In the home environment can be useful to prepare beverages for renal: Flask rosehips (5-6 pound berries, pour 200 ml hot water); infusion of dried apple peel (one glass of drink during the day in 3-4 divided doses); decoction of leaves of bilberry (2 tbsp. l. to 1 cup of water).

Traffic. When sedentary blood stasis occurs. Sports, dance, and even normal walks activate the circulatory system, facilitating the work of the kidneys. Those who do not get regular physical exercise to give yourself, physicians advise more often... to stand on all fours, resting his elbows on the floor. This position is considered the most useful for the kidneys.

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