Why waist hurts: causes, symptoms, treatment

The most common causes of back pain - a herniated disc and muscle spasm. What not to do when such pain? And when you need to seek emergency medical attention?

Usually a person who suddenly fell ill back, First of all goes to the doctor and asked him to designate an X-ray or MRI, to understand the reason. Competent doctor in this case is to explain that the X-ray and tomography with back pain for the first time to carry out any ordinary pain is not necessary, because it is useless. Whatever it was found during the investigation, it will not affect the treatment. Anyway, in the 1st month after the onset of pain.

It is worth remembering that the X-ray and tomography are not harmless. For example, a young woman who is planning to have children, the conventional X-ray of the lumbar spine It brings a dose of radiation to the ovaries, as if she was doing chest X-ray every day for of the year! On CT radiation exposure even more.

1. Hernia

Another problem is that during the trial there is a real chance to find some kind of discovery: spike or disc herniation, the narrowing of the spinal canal or something else. And then people will suffer, what to do. Experience that you have to do the operation. While earlier, when did not know about the problem, she had not bothered.

If you collect a hundred healthy people who have never been sick spin systems to reduce them in the MRI of the spine and make the picture, then 25% of them there is a herniated disc! So scared of this finding is not necessary. Moreover, many of herniated disk in 2-3 months resolve themselves without any treatment. The main thing - do not panic and competently approach to solving this problem.

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2. cauda equina syndrome

There are certain exceptions where research is needed. For example, if the waist is not just pain, but the pain is accompanied by:

  • numbness in both legs
  • problems with urination
  • problems with the intestines or sex.

This is the signal to do the MRI. These symptoms are characteristic of the cauda equina syndrome. The lumbar spine is located 18 nerves that go down and resemble the tail of a horse. If all this is compressed beam appear listed symptoms.

Important! Back pain - not necessarily the result of nerve compression. For what is the spine? It vertebrae connected the nerves and muscles associated with each other. So often back pain - muscle, does not hurt the nervous system. A failed movement, length of stay in an uncomfortable position, or low physical activity, muscle spazmiruyutsya, they develop degenerative changes. They become a source of discomfort and pain.

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3. Excess weight

If back pain - whether it be a hernia or a muscle spasm, - do not rest up in anticipation when everything goes. Paradoxical as it sounds, but modern medicine claims - do not lie! If a person is physically active, then the pain does not become chronic. By masseurs and physiotherapy it is recommended to go no earlier than 4 weeks after the first onset of pain. The rest is better to prefer physical exercises and manual therapy.

If we talk about the prevention of back pain, the first thing you need to do regular exercise and a correct weight. If there is extra weight to reconsider your diet.

Do not delay the issue on the back burner Notice one of the criteria, which may indicate the severity of the problem. Do not hesitate to visit a doctor if when making the horizontal position the pain persists. Especially if it bothers at night, you are very thin and there are unexplained rises in temperature.

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