When you need to get a flu shot, not to get sick

Flu - a common viral disease epidemic it served the country each year, and students are waiting for quarantine like some more pre-planned vacation.

among the symptoms flu - a sharp rise in temperature to 38-39 degrees, body aches (sore muscles, joints, eyes), sore throat, runny nose.

However, the flu is dangerous for children and adults, especially complications: pneumonia, otitis media, and others, in some cases it can even lead to death. The risk of disease flu include children up to 3 years old, adults over 65, people with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, pregnant women and those who work with a lot of other people - doctors, teacher.

The most reliable way to not get the flu - vaccination time. Doctors recommend getting vaccinated for 1-2 months before the start of mass morbidity, ie, in September and October. The vaccine is generally well tolerated, and immunity against influenza is maintained for 9 months. Vaccination may be contraindications, because before vaccination it is necessary to be examined by a physician / pediatrician. Also note that doctors recommend vaccination clinics, rather than buy their own flu vaccine, as there is a risk to break the rules for storage and transportation of the drug.

It's worth noting that flu shots has an additional advantage: it helps the less sick of SARS and the common cold are easier to carry. Nevertheless, the vaccine protects only against the flu, the risk of developing other respiratory diseases and graft of the patient remains.

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