Should I worry if my child sucks his thumb constantly?

Doctors advise parents confronted with this problem, to understand the nuances.

Members of the older generation believe that weaning from this harmful habits need as early as possible. Some even go to drastic and unpleasant instruments, as long as it was in the past.

scientists think differently today, they believe that the habit of thumb sucking in children appears in the womb of his mother, and helps them to calm down:

  • It's not scary, and sometimes even useful - for example, reduces the risk of allergies in children and trains the immune system of the baby.
Dentists, in turn, noted that thumb sucking does not spoil the bite, if a child has no permanent teeth.

Should only worry if baby aged 3-4 years back to this habit. However, and here scientists are advised to approach the matter very delicately. Most likely, the desire to poke a finger in the mouth occurs in children due to constant stress. First of all, talk with your child may consult a psychologist, and then lead him to the dentist.

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