3 common questions about chickenpox whether sick can re-other

Chickenpox - is an infectious disease which is transmitted by airborne droplets. It causes chickenpox virus herpes. The disease is highly contagious. What parents need to know about chickenpox?

Chickenpox is difficult to confuse with other diseases. But if there is a chance she sick a second time? Why do adults need to pay attention to vaccination chicken pox? And what can be complications from the disease?

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Can I get chickenpox again?

Everyone knows that recovering from chickenpox, the person is immune for life. But not always. Approximately 3% of recovered can be re-infection. This happens when the human immune system is weakened and the body enough antibodies to the virus, causes chickenpox. And, find out whether there are chances of getting ill again - there is no possibility. For the reason that the virus ever "settles" in our bodies and it is fighting with him all his life. Therefore, the analysis will show a good antibody titer. Can get sick when
weakening immunityWhen the amount of antibody would be small. Symptoms of chickenpox re typical, but sometimes there are complications, so if you get sick again, for you need closer monitoring.

Do you have chickenpox complications?

It is believed that the chicken pox - light enough Pediatric Infectious Diseases. There she complications. Most often they occur in adults. Adults generally difficult to carry chickenpox. But children can have complications.herpes viruscan cause complicated otitis, stomatitis, pneumonia, encephalitis, arthritis, laryngitis. It may be a form of hemorrhagic chickenpox, when the bubbles are filled with blood. This all requires careful medical supervision, so in all forms of atypical chickenpox, immediately seek medical attention.

One of the complications is the shingles, which may occur many years after the chickenpox transferred due to the presence of the herpes virus in the body.

Why is grafted from chickenpox?

Many doctors advise to vaccinate against chickenpox children older than 12 years if they are not ill with the virus, as well as adults. At older ages, carrying heavy chickenpox and causes many complications. It is advisable to be vaccinated against chickenpox women who have not had chickenpox and pregnancy planning. It must be done prior to conception the baby, because the vaccine is live. Pregnant put vaccinated against chickenpox can not.

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