4 main rules for the prevention of meningitis, which every parent should remember

Meningitis - a dangerous disease, which, contrary to beliefs of our grandmothers, arises not from walking without a hat, and is transmitted by airborne droplets.

Unfortunately, despite the presence of vaccine meningitis, the disease is still quite common. It is a inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. Unfortunately, about 50% of cases are fatal. However, about 70% of cases of meningitis, according to the World Health Organization - are children.

meningitis infection occurs in a close contact with the carrier by airborne droplets. A person can be a carrier of the disease pathogen (virus, bacteria, fungi), but he is not sick. And if this person is in contact with the baby - that can infect it. To do this, the child does not even need to leave home.

The main symptoms of meningitis:

  • photophobia
  • headache
  • temperature above 38 degrees, which does not get off antipyretic
  • vomiting, after which comes the relief of not
  • drowsiness, weakness (in rare cases the opposite - increased excitability)
  • babies - bulging fontanelle on the head

Than to treat meningitis:

It is important to remember that often in meningitis account can go for hours. The earlier the symptoms are detected and diagnosed, what treatment is introduced faster, the higher the chances of a normal outcome without serious complications. Treatment must appoint a physician, it may include antibiotics, antihistamines, hormones, decongestants, and other anticonvulsants.

The meningitis prevention rules:

1. Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene. They are often neglected due to the fact that they are simple and casual. However, these basic rules can avoid many dangerous diseases. It is, above all, about washing hands after street, toilet, after touching a child for money, or any foreign objects, be sure to wash hands before eating, to get rid of the habit of biting his nails, several times a day, disinfect the surface of the phone, with which the child.

2. If the school or pre-school child is attending, recorded cases of meningitis, it is best to avoid his visit next week. It is also worth to stay at home and avoid crowded places, if your city mass disease outbreaks recorded. If necessary, go out better to use a surgical mask, it should be changed every hour.

3. Be sure to make your child vaccinated against Hib and pneumococcal disease. First included in the state immunization schedule, the second - no, that is, it will have to do in a private clinic or buy at a pharmacy. However, it is the best vaccine will protect a child who somehow happens in public places, from meningitis.

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