5 signs of pre-diabetes, when health is still possible to return

One in three people in the developed countries at risk of becoming diabetic in the coming years. Many people do not think about it. While diabetes is not developed, there is every chance to recover health. What symptoms to look out for?

Pre-diabetes - a condition where blood sugar levels increased, but not to the level of how diabetes. It can be adjusted and not bring yourself to the disease. Which indicates pre-diabetes?

Signs of pre-diabetes / istockphoto.com

You have elevated sugar

If you have a row of three months when measuring the sugar is in the range 5.7 - 6.4 - you need to pay attention to their health.

You are overweight

Extra weight on their own are not a sign of pre-diabetes. But they increase the risk of developing diabetes. Moreover, the fat on the belly - a sure sign that the body slowly becomes resistant to insulin.

Do you drink a lot of sugar

It is not just about candy, bakery products and sweets. The races of sugar can affect the use of rice, pasta, potatoes and bread.

You lead a sedentary lifestyle

Physical activity helps to keep normal weight and distribute carbohydrates.

You were racing before sugar

If during pregnancy you have had jumps of sugar, it says that you have a riskdiabetes.

Prevention of diabetes

The primary prevention - diet, sport and maintaining a healthy weight. The basis of the menu should be fruits and vegetables, cereals, lean meat, fish. It is necessary to limit itself in the use of sweet, refuse from fast food. It is important to maintain an active lifestyle - 30-40 minutes a day to walk on foot, 2 times a week to play sports. It is important to sleep well, relax and be able to relax after stress.

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