6 common childhood illnesses, which are not spoken aloud

At least one of them facing most families.

Often mothers are actively discussing the health and illness of their children, share their experiences and concerns. But there are a number of very common among children with health troubles, which even adults prefer not to say aloud. One of the reasons - the fear of parents that their surrounding condemn, if they are to blame, that allowed such diseases. That is afraid that will count from bad parentsAnd no one will communicate with the child. What kind of childhood illnesses often keep silent?


Warts - a frequent phenomenon in children and adults. So manifests the human papilloma virus. Usually warts appear on the feet and hands. Despite the prevalence of warts still have a bad and almost mythical fame. Small children's warts are safe and mostly unobtrusive, most of them held their own in a period of 6 months to 2 years.

If the warts were a teenager - a cosmetic defect can significantly disturb him. In this case it is better to consult a dermatologist and find the effective way to remove. To deal with warts on their own, and the more they try to tear off, do not. This can spread the infection throughout the body and lead to the formation of new papillomas. To warts quickly left the child's body and did not return, it is necessary to monitor the overall level of health and immunity.


With seborrheic crusts on the head baby faced by many young parents. They can appear when a child is about 2 months, is a yellow "flakes", which over time may darken. The cause of - the impact of hormones on the mother the baby, seborrhea is not contagious. Also, the crust can form on the eyebrows baby - to deal with them is not necessary, so as not to damage the delicate skin. Crusts on the face do not cause discomfort to the kid, and eventually will do. But the scales on the scalp can be kept for a long time - up to 3 years or more. Gradually, their hair close - and then bring them more difficult.

Nothing terrible crusted not, but if you still want to deliver the baby from them, it is only one effective way. On the crust must be applied to cosmetic oil, leave it for 30-60 minutes, you can put on an easy cap. baby then you need to wash my hair with a special shampoo from the children of seborrhea - it is sold in pharmacies. Apply and rinse twice is better to have a good wash oil. During shampooing gently rub the place with crusts infant washcloth or soft brush hair. After a few sessions of the shampooing crusts will be much smaller and so gradually to them can be completely eliminated.

Bad breath

In healthy children usually do not have any specific smell from the mouth up to 2-3 years. When all baby teeth grow, it is important to teach a child to clean their tongue at least twice a day. Also, parents should remember that it is not necessary to let the situation to chance, if the child refuses to clean it themselves or just too lazy to help the kid.

Lack of dental hygiene - the most common cause of odor. But there are others. If you are sure that with the oral health of the child is all right, you should consult your pediatrician. Bad breath can be a symptom of problems with the tonsils and adenoids, chronic sinusitis, infections of the ears or in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Pinworms (worms)

These parasites cause a very common disease - Enterobiasis. You can pick up and other types of worms, but these organisms are most often affect children and adults.

The most important (and often the only) symptom of the presence in the body of the baby pinworms - itching in the anal area. If a child is often itchy ass - you need to pass a special test for worms and seek medical advice. Infection occurs due to poor hygiene, but often parents can not affect it. A child can pick up parasites even in the sandbox or kindergarten.

Treatment of worms should be appointed exclusively by the doctor. Enterobiasis is contagious - so treated will have the whole family. Sometimes you may need sanitizing the entire apartment.

To avoid re-infection pinworm, you need to carefully monitor the cleanliness of hands, not biting his nails - do not sit at the table, unless that scratched his ass.

Pediculosis (lice)

Even 20-30 years ago, the treatment of head lice was problematic: the child had cut nalyso or spend a lot of time combing the nits. Also people sick lice immediately subjected to stigma and rejection, and children - and all harassment by peers. It was believed that lice only appear at the homeless, alcoholics and other anti-social elements. Nevertheless, then and now, head lice can pick just one - to clean hair nits are attached particularly well.

The child is not infected with lice, you need to train it even as a joke not to wear other people's hats and do not use other people's combs.

Treat head lice must be special shampoos, they can be easily found in the pharmacy. It is also important thoroughly comb the hair after shampooing to remove all nits. With shampoo is usually sold special comb for this purpose. It is also possible to take advantage of national method: 9% vinegar is mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 2, is then applied through the hair for 30 minutes. Next, you need to comb out the hair is again.


This is a generic term that covers more than 200 different viruses. Let's talk about the most common - Herpes type 1 and 2. They manifest themselves in the form of rashes with transparent bubbles. Catch them easily: just do not wash their hands after a walk on the street or lick a dirty toy. In severe cases, herpes can lead to disorders of the central nervous system or pneumonia.

Also, the herpes virus is insidious because it will stay in the body forever. On it are embarrassed to talk both adults and children. Herpes actively manifests itself in the cold season, when the child is reduced immunity. If you notice herpes rash, you must immediately consult a doctor for treatment purposes. The rash may be accompanied by fever, fever, muscle pain, enlarged lymph nodes.

Rash itself can cause a burning sensation, itching. It is important not to give the baby to rip off the crust and comb wounds. Otherwise, the process of healing is significantly delayed.

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