Alphabet needlewoman: how to make French headscarf with their hands

French headscarf - a fashion accessory that can be easily manufactured by hand.

This scarf is a perfect complement an elegant outfit. To decoration on the neck it looks interesting, you can do some sewing bilateral French headscarf.

How to sew a French scarf / open sources

required for the manufacture of:

  • paper patterns;
  • thread;
  • piece of fabric;
  • scissors;
  • ruler, pencil;
  • sewing machine.

For tailoring bilateral French headscarf, can be guided by such markings.

How to sew a French scarf / open sources

How to sew a French headscarf

1. Handkerchief folded into halves or combine two different cutting tissue, apply to a pattern tissue encircle and accurately cut parts for future gussets.

How to sew a French scarf / open sources

2. Gut-wrenching almost the finished product on the front side, buckling the tail 5 cm and carefully zastrachivaem it.

At the end of the work should get a scarf-transformer with a loop.

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