They do not miss important symptoms

Child must necessarily show doctor immunologist if two or more of the following features.

Primary immunodeficiency (PID) - a generic name for a group of congenital disorders the immune system man, it brings together more than 250 different forms. With a mild form of the disease a person can live to old age, and in severe - not live up to 2 years.

The problem is that the primary immunodeficiency symptoms are not unique, difficult to diagnose because rarely detected at an early stage. It can manifest itself as frequently recurring infections that infect the nasopharynx, lungs, digestive system and even difficult to treat with antibiotics. PID can not be infected - he inherited or occur as a result of a genetic malfunction.

Although primary immunodeficiency - congenital disease, the first signs of it may even occur after 20 years. However, parents need to be careful not to miss the early signs of PID and in time to ensure adequate treatment of the child, for avoiding irreversible damage to the body. Here are some basic features that should alert and cause for seeking medical attention.
  1. Cases of PID with relatives. If the mother, father or other close relatives have been diagnosed primary immunodeficiency - there is a chance that a child will inherit it. However, parents often know in advance of this possibility and immediately turn to the immunologist.
  2. Constant recurrence of infectious diseases. For example, neskolkgo suppurative otitis year, pneumonia, sinusitis and other serious illnesses.
  3. The lack of improvement after prolonged antibiotic treatment (2 months or more).
  4. Complications of vaccination attenuated live vaccines - BCG, polio.
  5. Purulent inflammation of the skin that are long time to heal, and periodically reappear.
  6. Child more than 2 times was ill with meningitis, osteomyelitis, sepsis.
  7. Frequent breakdown stool - diarrhea.
  8. Little baby is not gaining weight and growing, despite adequate nutrition.
  9. A child suffering from fungal infections of the skin, mouth thrush appeared.
  10. Relapse of tuberculosis.
If you find a child at least 2 feature PID - it is necessary to consult a doctor. To treat primary immunodeficiency difficult, but timely detection possible. Patients should receive lifelong replacement therapy in the form of donor plasma or serum with specific antibodies, since their own immune system does not produce.

Children with complex form of PID require a bone marrow transplant. In the case of a successful transplant child gets their own working immune system.

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