Diabetes: top 9 signs indicating the disease

Diabetes mellitus - a real epidemic of the XXI century. On the planet they suffer 420 million. man. And the disease continues to cover more people. What symptoms can alert you? Perform the test, watch!

researchers sugar diabetesThey believe that the diet with calorie restriction does in a short time helps to reduce weight. Diet burns the fat that can improve the production of insulin and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Rapid test for diabetes: what you can alert

1. Constant thirst

2. Frequent urination.

Diabetes: TOP-9 indication that disease / istockphoto.com

3. Weakness and drowsiness.

4. Vision "village": the contours of objects spread out as if looking through a mist.

5. Periodically there is a feeling of tingling, numbness and tingling in the palms and soles.

6. I did not manage to get rid of acne.

7. Not heal cuts and scrapes.

8. In recent months, you dropped a few kilos, without applying to this effort.

9. On the contrary, often feel hungry.

Diabetes: TOP-9 indication that disease / istockphoto.com

The consent of at least one of these statements - a reason to see a doctor. This does not mean that you necessarily diagnosed with diabetes.

Perhaps you are overtired, not calculated the visual load, "kidney chill"... However, it is better not to guess. Let the doctor will figure everything out.

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