Alphabet needlewoman: how to sew a bag chair with his hands

Seat bag fit perfectly for any design, especially if it is made with their own hands.

Tailoring of the interior of the subject - not a very difficult job. The proposed scheme, which will help make bag chair.

How to sew a bag chair with his hands /

To work the following materials are needed:

  • 2.5 × 1.4 m for the inner fabric cover (sufficiently dense and good stretching);
  • 2.5 × 1.4 m for the outer cover fabric (tight fit cotton, velor fabric for upholstery, leatherette);
  • 200-300 L of polystyrene;
  • 1 zipper 50 cm for the inner sheath;
  • 1 zipper 100 cm for the external cover;
  • strong thread;
  • paper patterns for building;
  • Velcro 2 to 10 cm long (for fastening covers to each other).

Scheme manufacturing chairs bag

1. Making the pattern of wedges 6, two circular or hexagonal pieces and handles.

How to sew a bag chair with his hands / public sources

2. We transfer the pattern on the fabric and cut out all the details, making the seam allowance (1-1.5 cm).

3. Sew first inner cover, connecting wedges. The last stitch is sewn zipper smaller.

4. We sew the bottom, for the convenience of attaching it to the pre-pins wedges.

5. In the same manner we sew the outer cover. To the inner side of top 2 sew Velcro, but with its outer side sew handle.

How to sew a bag chair with his hands / public sources

6. After fabrication of the two covers, it is possible to fill the bag with polystyrene foam.

7. In the end we put on the outer cover, and connect the Velcro.

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