Large fruit: the causes and impact of pregnancy and childbirth

"You will be the hero" says the doctor for an ultrasound. "Large fruit" says the doctor on prenatal examination. What it is? And how it can affect the course of pregnancy and childbirth?

Many parents believe that the more a newborn baby, the healthier it will be. But it is not so. The birth of a large baby may be associated with some risk.


What is a large fruit?
Large fruit is considered a child who was born with a weight of 4 to 5 kg. If a child weighs more than 5 kg, it is called a giant. Often, large children and above-average growth. Fetus with the usual increase in weight is 48 - 54 cm, in large children 54 - 56 cm. Recently, more and more babies are born more than 4 kg. There is an assumption that it is associated with the best food and the working conditions of pregnant women. But babies born more than 5 kg are rare.

The reasons for the birth of a large baby:

  • heredity;
  • diabetes;
  • some endocrine diseases;
  • improper feeding of pregnant, the diet rich in carbohydrates;
  • the second and subsequent pregnancies;
  • sustained or prolonged pregnancy.

How do I know whether a large fetus to be born?
To find out what size will be a newborn, the doctor diagnoses. On examination, he estimates an increase in abdominal volume, also takes into account height and weight of the mother and the father, with some height and weight of children born earlier. Held ultrasound procedureWhere the size of the baby is calculated tentative.


Genera with large fruits
Most often, when a large fetus birth are no different from birth with the usual fruit. But there may be some complications.

Possible complications of childbirth
Discrepancy between the size of the fetal head and pelvis mother. And at birth of a child with normal weight, pelvic size can be completely normal. In this case, a natural birth would be impossible.

Shortness of rupture of membranes. This can slow down the generic activities, increase the contractions and pain worsen cervical dilatation.

Primary and secondary uterine inertia forces. Contractions or early delivery are weak, or in the second half of the birth labors becomes weak. It can bore pregnant. There are risks for her and for the baby.

Problems with vain attempts. This is due to the fact that the head and pelvis women can not match the dimensions of each other. In this case, the uterus undergoes significant hyperinflation.

If the doctor suggests a large fruit, that during labor they are carefully watching pregnant. And at the least suspicion of the mother and child's risks, they spend cesarean section.

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