Barberry season: how to use it to lose weight and to diversify the menu

Mid-autumn - it's time for the maturation of a bright and useful berries - barberry. Are investigated, what its benefits and how to extract it.

Few people know, but the barberry - an excellent natural antidepressant. A handful of dried berries in the morning - and autumn blues whatever happened.

In addition, the barberry:

  • It improves the functioning of the thyroid gland,
  • It has a mild laxative effect,
  • cleans the liver and gall bladder, prevents the appearance of a stone,
  • inhibits tumor development
  • It helps fight infectious diseases,
  • It improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system,
  • It helps with disorders of the intestine.
100 g of barberry contain only 30-36 calories, that is, you can use it in large quantities without harm to the figures. This means that the barberry can be safely added to food as a condiment, to diversify their menus.

Outset that barberry and drinks from it, despite the beneficial properties, there contraindications:

  • age 12 years
  • gallstones
  • laxatives
  • hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver
  • allergy
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding

To lose weight with the help of barberry, not enough to simply add it to the diet. However, this berry will speed up the process if you stick to the principles of proper nutrition. It also helps the body that lacks calories or nutrients to resist infections, rid from free radicals, cleaned of toxins, get rid of the constipation that often accompanies those who sat on diet. That is, it supports healthy condition of the body, which is in stress from weight loss.

Losing weight will benefit from a drink barberry. The recipe is as follows:
  • pour 100 g of barberry berries two cups of boiling water,
  • Put on low heat and simmer for 20 minutes,
  • Pour the liquid in a thermos,
  • Insist tea from 4:00 barberry, then add another 2 cups of boiling water.

Drink barberry tea 4 times a day for a quarter cup after meals.

Fresh or dried berries barberry may be added to the soup to add acidity, traditionally it is also put in pilaf. Barberry can cook the jam, cook syrup, liqueur or sherbet. However, weight loss, these products contribute, of course, will not. To add barberry acid is also added in the meat sauces, generally to game or beef.

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