6 secrets of how to cook juicy chops

Tell step by step, what to pay attention to your chops become ideal.

Chops - a simple dish, but it's easy to mess up. And then meat chops turn dry and hard. Here are a few tips on how to keep the meat juicy.

1. Use only fresh meat. If the meat was visited in the freezer - chops for it is no longer suitable. Sirloin chops without fat are too dry, like chicken or turkey fillet. The ideal would pork chops (neck of pork, blade) or beef (sirloin, schnitzel).

2. Properly cut meat. The thickness of the slices before they recaptured, shall not exceed 1.5 cm, otherwise the meat will have a long fry, and from this it is dry. Remember that the cut pieces of chops needed across the grain.

3. Slugger meat carefully. If you overdo it, chop lose not only all the juice, but also part of the meat. Optimum impact force will have to look empirically. But it is better to spend more time and care to repel than to shred a piece of meat into separate lumps.

4. Add salt to the end of cooking. If you salt the chops in the beginning, then the meat will release the juice and get dry. Chops are not in need of special spices, which drown out the taste of quality meat. In addition to salt, add enough black pepper.

5. Use breading. With the help of breading meat will be more tender. For its preparation need the beaten eggs and breadcrumbs. Chops before frying have to dip into the egg, then in breadcrumbs.

6. Use Teflon frying pan. Cookware coated with teflon to protect from sticking and require less oil for cooking meat, and thus will be less fat meal. Long fry chops do not need. Poultry enough 2-3 minutes on each side, for a couple of minutes longer roasted pork. On frying chops of beef takes about 5 minutes on each side.

You will be interested to know how to choose the meat and what part of that cook.