How to spend money at a small salary

Consider ways to help you save a tidy sum.

Learn to appreciate your work

Calculate how much you earn per hour of work. For the salary you pay your health, so before you buy something, think about how much you have to work to afford to buy the necessary goods.

Set a goal and save up to it

For example, you want a new car, and the money to buy it once, you do not have. In order to accumulate the required amount, determine the exact date for the acquisition and delay a few thousand from each paycheck.

return debts

If you set a goal - to learn save, Your first deal with our debt.

How to spend money at a small salary /

Pay with cash only

The risk increases to make hasty purchases, you do not physically feel the money. With the money that we do not see parting easier than with real bills.

Buy through the Internet

On the Internet you can find the right product to be 20% cheaper than in stores. In addition, many sites are sales, promotions and discounts.

Do not spend a lot of money on entertainment

Any person needed recreationBut do not abuse it. Instead of going to the expensive cafes, invite your friends over for tea or go for a walk in the park.

Save on transport

By bus and by subway is not hitting a lot, so better buy a ticket and start walking. If you have your car, and traveled by public transport. So you spend less money on gasoline.

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