Kanefron during pregnancy: contraindications, which are important to know

During pregnancy, women quite often have problems related to the genitourinary system, in this situation, doctors usually prescribe Kanefron. Whether it can be taken by pregnant women, without fear for the baby's health?

during pregnancy - a rather difficult period for any woman, when the background of the changes occurring in her body, can worsen a variety of chronic diseases. And the most common of these are diseases associated with urogenital system. Emerging diseases in the form of swelling, pyelonephritis, cystitisand so on, can seriously harm both the expectant mother and her baby, so even cure such diseases during pregnancy is vital.


Kanefron - it is just a tool that can come up in this case. In its composition does not include synthetic elements, which could harm a pregnant woman and her baby, and includes only the herbal components. Herbal extracts that make up kanefron exert on the body antiinflammatory and spasmolytic effect that is just necessary for many diseases of this nature. The data of plant components are beneficial to both the state of the internal organs of the pregnant woman and the fetus is in the womb.

Doctors may prescribe Kanefron women who bears a child, as in the earliest stages of pregnancy, and in the last semester. Natural components included in the composition kanefron, serves as an effective prevention of the entire urinary tract, while preventing formation of kidney stones as well as facilitating the removal of excess fluids and toxins from the body, thereby preventing the occurrence of various infections.


Despite the fact that Kanefron is a fairly safe drug for pregnant women and their babies, there are a number of contraindications, which should be carefully considered:

  • pathological condition of the liver;
  • idiosyncrasy components that make up the drug;
  • increased tone of the uterus;
  • lactose intolerance;
  • allergic reactions.

Even if you have no contraindications listed above, you need to take the drug according to instructions, the designated doctor as an overdose can cause an increase in uterine tone, which in turn can provoke a premature delivery. Be healthy!

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