Allocation during pregnancy: when to seek emergency medical attention

The pregnant woman's body there are various changes, including hormonal, so any discharge from the vagina can be both a cause unscheduled visit to the doctor, and the natural reaction to the changes taking place with him. What allocation during pregnancy can be dangerous?

Every self-respecting woman in the lifelong care of their health, including the intimate sphere. And in that moment, when she learns that she is pregnant, it is activated and its concern for the future health of the child. That is why all the unusual changes in the female body amenable to scrutiny on the part of women, sometimes causing her needless anxiety.


At a time when there is a successful conception, the entire female body, including the genital organs, are activated that would carry and give birth to a healthy baby. The ovaries begin to actively produce the hormone progesterone, so necessary for the proper course of the pregnancy. In this case and there are characteristic changes in vaginal secretions, which have three basic components:

  • Mucus, which is the main component of the selection, which is produced by glands in the cervix and vagina.
  • Epithelial cells, which have the unique property - are replaced by new cells.
  • Various micro-organisms and bacteria present in the human body and components of the vaginal microflora.

Normal during pregnancy is considered to be a small amount of the allocation of non-transparent and sticky mucus from the vagina, as at this time the body is dominated by the hormone progesterone, which "change" the quality of the mucus in the female body in a given period time. This mucus performs the barrier function in the body of a woman to bear a child, protecting both the uterus and the fetus, which is in it, from the "bad" bacteria and microorganisms. Therefore, if the mucus during pregnancy is light in color, without impurities and odors, it is considered the norm and reason should not be a concern.

But it happens that the vaginal discharge is not so safe, why require immediate treatment to the doctor.


A white discharge.The most common cause of white discharge becomes thrush. The thing is that a woman's body activates all their forces out to make a healthy baby that almost always leads to a weakening of her immune system. To all this is connected hormonal changes in a woman's body, which can lead to an imbalance of the ratio of microorganisms and bacteria in the vagina. That's why thrushIt is becoming a headache for many women during childbearing. Despite the fact that this disease does not pose a threat to the fetus, it should be treated. Moreover, the yeast being treated should both partners, so that women do not come relapse.

Highlighted in yellow. Vaginal discharge is yellow or tinged with green, and even accompanied by itching, burning and an unpleasant odor can indicate the presence of infection. Such selection should immediately become the occasion of the visit to the doctor, because the infection can spread to other organs, such as the bladder or urethra. Often yellow discharge can indicate the presence of a sexually transmitted disease, which may require immediate treatment.

Brown and spotting. The main cause of brown discharge, especially with regard to the first trimester can be a risk of miscarriage. In the case of detachment of the ovum may be present dragging pain in the abdomen and bloody issues, which exacerbate the situation and may be indicative of the emerging process of spontaneous abortion.

In later pregnancy brown discharge may also be indicative of premature placental abruption or placenta previa on. In these cases, there is usually profuse bleeding, accompanied by hypertonicity of the uterus, drawing pains in the back and lower abdomen. Just as an expectant mother may be present all the signs of hemoglobin decline due to heavy discharge.

No matter how strong discharge in women during pregnancy, it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor to get an adequate therapy.

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