12 life hacking for those who fly on an airplane: Tips experienced

Experienced travelers know how to make their stay at the airport more comfortable and enjoyable. For example, where a delicious and inexpensive meal, how to receive gifts from the airline, to get into the cockpit to the pilots or to order escort service for free. Take note of life hacking for those who are flying in an airplane, especially the first time.

If you will soon airfare, and advise you to take advantage of these helpful tips.


Each seat in the airplane has its advantages and disadvantages. Think about what matters to you. The nose of the plane often put passengers with small children, but start before handing out food and drinks. In the middle of the salon smaller shakes, and the distance between the seats in the emergency exit more. The tail always turn to the toilet, but it is the safest part of the plane, and there is always free space on the luggage racks and a place at the window. If you need a lot of space, look for place near the emergency exits at the rear of the plane in the toilet and in the beginning, immediately after the business class.

If you forget to charge your phone, Headphones or umbrella, go to the lost and found. There is accumulated a lot of things, and if they are within 3 months not taken away, the airport staff at your request, can give them to you. This sometimes can be extremely helpful.

Hungry, choose cafe or restaurant, where lunch airline workers. There the food is high quality and inexpensive. Bring nuts, which can eat and an empty plastic bottle which can be filled with water from the cooler passage after registration.


Connecting flights - it is often cheaper and he charged over air miles, in addition, many airlines are at your request can provide you with a free hotel room, if the layover between flights takes more than 6 hours.
Many airports operating international service support network. This service offers support, medical care, protection, assistance in feeding and the provision of other services comfort the elderly, travelers with disabilities and minors passengers traveling alone. Find out which categories of passengers are provided free of charge.
Want to buy a cheaper ticket, Fly to a half-empty plane, not to stand in line and avoid turbulence? Choose night flights.
On board the aircraft can carry up to 1 liter with any liquid, if you pour it into a bottle of 100 ml and packed in a plastic bag.

Previously experienced travelers photographed your luggagebefore you pass that in the event that it was easier to find, and now they just buy a key chain with a GPS-tracker and vsenda know where the baggage, if the airline he was suddenly lost.


Do not forget to unstick luggage stickersfrom past air travel. The scanner can read the old barcode and your suitcase to go to another country.
Last checked baggageThen you can pick it up first. Also it is better to fly with a clearly "female" suitcases. With these airport employees tend to cost more carefully, as women often carry perfume and other fragile items.
Bring a plastic wrap and before check-in, wrap her suitcase. Not only before, as you may be asked to open it at customs control. So you can save on packaging and protect the luggage from damage.

If a long time stuck in an airport purchase a ticket to a lounge area. Typically, it costs $ 30-50, but here you will be able to sleep, take a shower and eat. Also in these areas not crowded and good internet. All this is included in the admission cost. Stay will be more comfortable and less expensive in the lounge area, than stay in the common room, where you will in any case have to be something to eat and drink.
For the comfort of the child bring your beach ball and earplugs. Nothing weighs inflatable ball and does not take up much space, but the baby instead of having to sit for your tablet, tired and cranky, will play with you in the "edible-inedible" or other ball games. And earplugs will relieve the baby from discomfort during takeoff and landing to facilitate state nursing baby pacifier or help my mother's breasts. Inflatable pillow under your neck and will not take place, but will make the dream a plane or airport comfortable. Also you will be interested to know what foods help to adapt when changing time zones.