Mothers to note: the sore throat is different from sore throat?

Sore throat is equally typical for angina, and for pharyngitis.

What is pharyngitis and tonsillitis

pharyngitis doctors called inflammation, which affects the throat and is a sign of acute respiratory diseases or viral infection.

With angina the situation is different, because it can be a separate disease, and complex manifestation of another disease.

Symptoms of angina includes high temperature, general weakness and the appearance of plaque on the tonsils.

At the same time, pharyngitis does not affect the state of the tonsils, but is often accompanied by typical symptoms of acute respiratory disease, for example, nasal congestion, cough or runny nose.

If you are having the slightest doubt what exactly is ill child, the parent should be sure to show it to the doctor.

How to treat a sore throat and pharyngitis?

Both conditions include both symptomatic and pathogenetic treatment (together and simultaneously).

In the first case we are talking about reducing the severity of symptoms. The child can be given lozenges with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, as doctors recommend to rinse throat, use vitamins, and antihistamines, to quickly remove the swelling in the throat and nasopharynx in whole.

Pathogenetic therapy aimed at the destruction of the pathogen, to this end, the doctor prescribes antibiotics, anti-virals.

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