How to save money on baby food without prejudice to the health of the child

Let's try to figure out how to minimize the costs associated with feeding the baby in such a way as not to cause damage to his health.

1. Promotions and discounts

Very often, shops carry out various actions and sell ready-made baby food for a low price. And yet - buying baby food big packs, you will pay less. Do not forget about discount cards.

2. domestic manufacturer

Everyone understands that the final infant formula foreign brands much more expensive than ours, Ukrainian, and the quality is the same, although some brands of our products are superior in quality.

How to save on food children /

Try to experiment with baby food - bought for their baby different brands and see what pleasant to the kid, perhaps it is a domestic manufacturer will delight your taste it, and you - the lowest price.

3. Baby Food Freezing

To save on complementary feeding, it is necessary to prepare since summer. Freezing fresh food for the winter will save the family budget.

4. conservation

Canned baby food is very save the family budget. Do not be afraid to experiment!

How to save on food children /

5. Re-use empty cans

And why not sell empty cans to other mums? Or you can do a full exchange for fruit or diapers required size.

6. Seasonal products

Try to feed the baby seasonal products - this will save your family budget. Fruits and vegetables in their season harvest is much cheaper than in another period of time.

How to save on food children /

To save on food and children may even need all depends on the desires, goals and financial situation of the family and leisure time parents.

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