How to cook homemade kvass from bread: a very simple recipe

Quench their thirst in the summer heat will brew. This wonderful ancient beverage is not only tasty, but extremely useful. It is believed that it can be used to lose weight, increase virility, to normalize cholesterol and cleanse the blood vessels. As can be easily prepared at home kvass?

The first mention of kvass can we find in the ancient chronicle "The Tale of Bygone Years". It is said that on the occasion of the baptism of Rus Prince Vladimir, issued an order to the people and treated kvass drink intoxicating. And in our time, this traditional Slavic drink is very popular. It can be made from bread, fruit, berries and even beet.


But there are also its warning. It is not recommended to use this refreshing drink for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heartburn, ulcer and gastritis with acidity, for liver and gout. As well as pregnant and nursing mums and children up to 3 years.

Prepare kvass is very easy at home, this brew will be particularly useful.

We need:

Water boiled cold - 3 liters
Rye bread - 300 g
Pressed yeast - 30 g
Sugar - 100 g

Stepping homemade kvass:

Rye bread cut into small cubes and fry in the oven.

Yeast diluted in a glass of warm boiled water (aboutbyazatelno take care that the yeast were fresh).

Pour the mixture into the prepared container, add bread, sugar, fill with water.

Capacity camouflage gauze and left in a dark place at room temperature for several days.

Ready brew filter and it is put in the refrigerator.

Half of sourdough can be left for another time. Then you do not need yeast, only water, bread and sugar.
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