Crispy cheese sticks: super-vkusnuypirogek 15 minutes

Light, flavorful, crunchy, delicious snack - cheese sticks - they like the adults, they are happy children. Treat family express snacks that can be prepared in just a few minutes!

How to treat a child for breakfast, what to cook for the holiday table, to surprise and please the guests? When you want to cook something unusual and tasty, when the guests on the doorstep, and you break your head, what would they treat - cook cheese sticks!


The ingredients for this snack need very little time to cook - too. Use the step by step recipe for cooking crispy cheese sticks and enjoy their extraordinary taste.

Step by step recipe


Hard cheese - 300 g
Eggs - 2 pcs
Flour - 3 tbsp. spoons
Breadcrumbs - 100 g
Vegetable oil for frying


1. Hard cheese cut into long strips into cubes approximately 6-10 cm each, and ye will then fry in deep fat.

2. Beat eggs with a small addition of salt (optional mass to the egg can be added dill).

3. In a deep frying pan, heat the oil well.

4. Cheese sticks rolled in batter in the following: eggs, flour-egg-breadcrumbs, and then submit to each flushed oil.

5. Fry until lightly golden brown on all sides.

After cooking the cheese sticks urgently call me all households to enjoy the crunchy treat.


Tip: If you wish to make a snack most effectively, put on a large platter of lettuce leaves, and on top - the golden wand. On a green pillow appetizer cheese It will look very beautiful.

Bold experiments and bon appetit!

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