We are struggling with a cold quickly: 3 ways to overcome the cold

Colds can sneak up very quietly for everyone.

Stuffy nose, throat and Pershai temperature 37 - these symptoms obviously do not bring pleasure to everyone. Today we tell about how to quickly cure the symptoms of incipient colds.


It is not necessary to endure cold "on their feet" - it is best if you spend the day at home, thereby giving your body a chance to rest and quality treatment. Do not knock rush antipyretics temperature - the temperature up to 38 degrees (and in the beginning it disease varies between 37.2 - 38 degrees) means that the immune system is actively working, helping the body to cope with virus.

Vitamin C

Eat more fruit. For example, oranges, apples, kiwi, lemons, grapefruit, persimmon, and vegetables as fresh and sauerkraut, onions and garlic. They have the basis of your diet today. Do not forget about the fluid: hot water with lemon, tea with raspberries and a decoction of rose hips.


Regularly rinse your nose with salt or herbal decoctions.


A good night's sleep after all the done responsibly "cough" measures - a major component of your treatment. A man who wants to win a cold for a day, it is very important a good lie down and sleep it off, which is why absolutely contraindicated heroically endure cold on his feet.


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  • We are struggling with a cold quickly: 3 ways to overcome the cold