5 reasons to go for a walk tonight

Do not like to run, and a gym bypass tenth expensive? You can greatly help your health with the help of a casual walk!

accelerates metabolism

recent research scientists It proved that one hour a day reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome by a third.

This syndrome is associated with metabolic disorders and can lead to the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Metabolic syndrome often develops in sedentary people.

Increases life expectancy

Keep the average walking tempo after forty years, and you reduce the risk of premature death due to heart disease!

It helps to get rid of insomnia

5 reasons to go for a walk tonight / istockphoto.com

Scientists have shown that a walk before bedtime works better than sleeping pills! People who do not neglect walks, fall asleep faster than the athletes who had recently visited the rest of the sports hall.

It reduces the symptoms of asthma

Enough 15-minute walk to the frequency of asthmatic attacks was reduced to minimum values. Remember that exercise advocate, on the contrary, provocateurs such attacks.

reduces stress

Walking - is an effective and proven way to deal with stress. Scientists say that walking helps restore emotional balance.

5 reasons to go for a walk tonight / istockphoto.com

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