Dr. Komorowski has called the best antibiotic intestinal infections

Dr. Komarovsky in social networks divided c readers helpful tips. He said at this time, which antibiotic is best used in intestinal infections.

Acute intestinal infection - a common disease, which experienced at least once in every life. Children are particularly at risk, since the infection occurs through dirty hands. How to treat an intestinal infection?

Antibiotic in intestinal infection / istockphoto.com

According to the doctor, in most cases, intestinal infections do not require antibiotic treatment. There are a limited number of intestinal infections such as dysentery or typhoid fever, they are treated with antibiotics necessary.

The main danger of intestinal infections are not bacteria, but rather that it causes inflammation in the digestive tract. This leads to diarrhea and body can not absorb fluid. baby body quickly loses water. Therefore, it is important to prevent dehydration, during that time, until it has immunity to intestinal bacteria. Yevgeny Komarovsky insists that the main "antibiotic" for the treatment of intestinal infections - it is water.

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