Why is the pregnancy of the day 35 unsafe: TOP-4 important moments

Not everyone has the first chance to try it in women up to 25 years - the most productive for conception. It's a pity, dehto is making money for later. Chi tse so right?

Today, we are told about the problems that are connected with the life of the patient, they did not know anymore. flawless, vaginess - Tse right luck. Ale, try not to do yoga so long.

Problems from conception

For a short time, the woman's fertility is steadily decreasing. And even though the age of 20-25 is not significant, then with skin fate the possibility of success begins to decrease sharply. For example, in 35-year-old future mothers, it will become 17%. Also, from time to time, vaginal women begin to suffer from hypoxia - sour hunger, as if sourness gets into the plaid. Krіm tsgogo, you can watch out for the weak ancestral building. Therefore, people do not have to go out by the natural path, and have to go into the operation of a caesarean rose.

Chronic ailments

A lot of factors are poured into them: ecology, stress, the wrong way of life. And all the same, to bring everything to one thing - a luggage of a sore, like a child can be transmitted, so start a future mother and give birth to a healthy baby. Vagity after 35 years may cause gostritis or develop serious chronic illness, such as diabetes mellitus, pyelonephritis, hypertension, pancreatitis and others.
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The weight can be foldable

In the skin of the other vaginal after 35 years, severe toxicosis is suspected. It's a pity, wine can go later and into preeclampsia - problems with robotic nerves and the heart-vascular system. Preeclampsia is the most unsafe condition, which is the advancement of the arterial pressure in the vagina, which leads to a stroke.

A child can be born with children

Doctors say that after 40 years, the risk of developing a child with Down syndrome increases in 8-10 times. It is especially important, as the biological father of a baby can also be rebuyed from the age category of 40 and more.

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