At what age can give the child a tablet: Dr. Komarovsky

30 May 2019 9:00edition
At what age can give the child a tablet: Dr. Komarovsky

At what age can a child give a tablet

Modern developers have come up with the game even for a year-olds. And parents stick kid tablet, just to sit quietly and not disturb. At what age can give the child a tablet said Dr. Komarovsky.

According to the doctor, it is not desirable to give a tablet for children under two years. After two years, he should be allowed to sit at the screen of not more than two hours a day. What is the reason?

Tablet child /

If the child is under two years to give the tablet, the games on it will impact on the psyche of the child, may also affect the coordination of his movements, and because of that hurt him. After all, young children do not distinguish between reality and fiction. If the game character falls from a height and is not injured, the child will be considered, which also happens in life.
"Another point: when you need to run, jump, skip, resulting in a propulsion system, increasing the lungs, heart, and vessels are learning to adapt to the constantly changing physical activity, a human baby sitting and looking at the flickering screen. Where will this lead, no one knows. You and your children - hostage grand experiment ", - says Dr. Komarovsky.
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