How to wear black jeans: the best ideas

Black jeans - a recognized classic, which should not be neglected.

In the 2019-2020 season black jeans considered a hot trend offers several ideas what to wear this article of clothing.

Black jeans and solid shoes

The combination of urban and contemporary, is inherent in the girls in large cities. Dilute dark bottom mantle can coat or lighter hue.

Black jeans and jacket inflated

A little more about proportions - tight black jeans that visually slim you, elegant look with marker jackets. If you are experiencing that dissonance will be too radical, add cowboy boots.

Black jeans and a wool coat

If you like refined classic, and the weather allows to put on a coat, be sure to combine such garments with jeans.

Black jeans and leather jacket

Gothic and romantic way, how do you mean? Supplement it can be a blouse with lace elements, fine, if you can find a vintage item with a high collar.

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