4 myths about the incompatibility of products

We've learned that some food products can not be combined. And we do not exactly know - why.

Around the compatibility of products there are many myths and stereotypes. In fact, it is more dependent on the individual than on the actual properties of the products. For someone with a cucumber and milk - it is not a dangerous combination, and someone is bad, if you eat meat with potatoes. Here are some common stereotypes about what products can not be combined (and in fact - it is possible).

Fruits c other products

It is believed that the fruits necessarily need to eat separately from other products, because otherwise they will wander in the stomach, causing digestive problems. In fact, this can happen only with those who have greatly reduced gastric acidity. But they generally have to very carefully to the choice of diet, as food is digested hard.

If you have normal or increased acidity - the gastric juices just will not give fruit to ferment. For example, when you eat yogurt with fruit, it will be digested for longer than just a yogurt or a fruit, because milk product additionally "extinguishes" acidity, fruit and fiber takes longer to digestion. However, this does not mean that such a combination of digestion quite stop. Rather, you simply longer be fed.

Fish and dairy products

Unusual combination, but it occurs even is high kitchen. If you are uncomfortable carry whole milk - then, of course, to use it is not necessary. There will also be not a good idea to wash down with milk herring or smoked fish, in some cases it can cause indigestion. However, scientific evidence that fish and milk are incompatible - no.

Milk with lemon

Due to the milk starts to curl of lemon acid. The warmer it is - the process happens faster. However, if a lemon and milk were not compatible, we would not know what a lemon ice cream or lemon cheesecake. Curdled milk is not dangerous if it really happened under the influence of lemon. But if the smell is questionable - it is better not to use.

Mint with sodas

There is a stereotype that the combination of peppermint and sweet drinks constitutes a poison - cyanide. You've probably seen the experiment that will, if you throw in a Coke mint gum - will present eruption. But if you add in the lemon mint natural soda - nothing like this happens, you get a delicious refreshing drink.

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