How much a child can be ill for a year: the opinion of Dr. Komarovsky

Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski regularly shares tips on social networks about the children's health.

Now many mothers began to be interested in the question about the children's immunityAnd how many times a child can get sick each year. What this bill thinks pediatrician? Take a look at the expert opinion.

Yevgeny Komarovsky says that a child who is constantly in the children's collective, SARS may be ill from 6 to 12 times a year. This may not be due to weak immune systems. According to pediatrician frequent illness may occur due to non-compliance with the basic rules of prevention of SARS, or rather, if the parents are wrong to treat the child during a cold. Problems with immunity may arise in consequence of bacterial complications after the usual ARI.

Proper prophylaxis SARS /

Dr. Komarovsky also paid special attention to the fact that you can not rely on drugs to "lift the immunity." Doctors say that these do not exist. Parents need to learn the rules of prevention and home self-treatment of SARS, to optimize parameters air force has not, not coddle, a lot of walking, playing sports, and spend more time on nature.

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