Women's hairstyles, which old

We understand what experiments with hair can add us some unwanted years.

The total discoloration

absolutely white hair eliminate relief, negate the transition from the skin to the hair, making the image of a solid mass of light, denying the necessary expression.

In addition, problems can arise because of the bright contrast hair from the eyebrows, because they discolor, no one will. This leads to the fact that the facial features become less noticeable, and for their allocation needs bright makeup.

Women's hairstyles, which old / istockphoto.com

The contrast between the roots and the length of

Too sharp transition from dark to light pulls all the emphasis on making a faceless woman.

You can fix this in two ways - either draw the strands of dark hair to the tips or ends of the handle in a calmer tone.

Women's hairstyles, which old / istockphoto.com

Dense black hair tint

If you plan to become a fiery brunette, do not forget about the so-called transition zones that will create color vibration.

They make natural color and hair - alive. In nature, there is absolutely black hair color. In the sun, they should acquire a bright and warm tone.

To avoid such an error, the master usually paint over the root zone in a natural shade of black (on the lighter shade).

Women's hairstyles, which old / istockphoto.com

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