That can not be eaten during the critical days?

Critical days for every girl can often be accompanied by pain and poor health.

If within 3-4 days menses accompanied by unpleasant sensations, lack of energy and depressed mood, it is time to reconsider your diet. We are ready to call those products that can weigh down the effects of the cycle and the pain in the lower abdomen.

refined products

A lot of semi-finished and refined foods also contain hidden sugar, which exacerbates the problem of loss of strength, and mood swings during menstruation. Plus, they contain salt, chemicals, and artificial flavoring agents to enhance the appearance and taste of food.

Fatty and fried foods

Excessive fat intake, especially saturated fat and trans fat, can cause inflammation in the body.

salty food

Excessive amount of salt in the body can shift the balance of the water, causing edema, increased blood pressure, and it is terrible bloating.


mood swings, and even anxiety are common symptoms of PMS. Quenching your thirst for sweet foods can make you feel even more anxiety and even stress.


Drinking alcohol can cause longer menstrual pain, a condition more commonly known as dysmenorrhea.


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