Osteopathy in infertility and pregnancy: what is the difference

Often there are times when a woman can not get pregnant for quite some time as it will help osteopathy? Effective if this method during pregnancy and what is the difference?

Osteopathy - a trend medicine, Which is already 143 years old and is being actively developed in Ukraine. The osteopathic diagnosis and treatment are carried out with the help of doctors, osteopaths, often referred to as the mechanics of the human body. It is no coincidence!

Any injury as generic and obtained later in life, does not pass without leaving a trace. With hands osteopath can find a deviation from the norm, the exact impact of eliminating the effects of trauma, restore blood flow to the affected areas of the body and adjust the body to function properly. All this is possible only after a long medical training. Therefore always responsible approach to the choice of the doctor!

Kid gets oxygen and necessary substances from the mother's bloodstream. If the blood supply to the uterus is broken, it has a negative impact on the possibility of pregnancy, and if pregnancy occurred - the health of the unborn baby. Experts believe that in order to prepare for motherhood is the best method of osteopathy, as this method allows most fully remove barriers to good blood flow.

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dangerous problems

Good blood circulation is important for the functioning of all organs and body systems. They can not work effectively if it is broken or the influx of blood flow.

  • To pregnancy is proceeding well and ended with successful delivery, the woman should be well operate all parts of the reproductive system: the cerebral cortex, hypothalamus, pituitary, ovaries and uterus. The most dangerous of these bodies cranial trauma and the coccyx and sacrum.
  • If a woman has scoliosis, the injury can cause even more serious consequences.
  • The position of the pelvis is equally important. When they shift the ovaries to the uterus will not work correctly. Why? Coccyx injury is a consequence of the spread of the pelvic bone, muscle tension and fascia pelvis. As a result, blood vessels, following them in contact with the uterus, restrained, because of this there is a deterioration of arterial blood flow to the reproductive organs.
80% of cases of unexplained infertility are associated with injuries of the coccyx and sacrum. To the pregnancy, you need good blood flow to the pelvic organs. Avoid inverted postures such as "plow" and "birch", because they give undue stress on the neck.

Osteopathy in infertility

Often there are times when a woman can not get pregnant for quite some time. If the reason is that it has an obstruction of the fallopian tubes, malformations or gross endocrine pathology, the osteopathic treatment can not help.

  1. Often so-called unexplained infertility, both partners when tests are normal, tubes are passable, but the long-awaited pregnancy does not occur for a long time.
  2. In 80% of cases this is due to the omission of internal organs that have occurred because of the trauma of the coccyx and sacrum, which a woman can not even remember. Here osteopathic treatment will be effective.
  3. Osteopath will help to normalize the blood flow in the brain, improve the function of brain structures, restore the correct position of internal organs and to eliminate their pressure on the uterus. All this together will lead to an improvement in the circulation of blood and lymph.
  4. Often, after a course of osteopathic treatment in women who put infertility, pregnancy occurs.

Osteopathy in infertility and pregnancy: what is the difference / istockphoto.com

Osteopathy both before and during pregnancy - what is the difference?

Before pregnancy specialist work with the patient will be sent out to restore the correct position of the internal organs, skeleton to build and establish a good blood circulation in the pelvis. If a woman ask the osteopath in advance, after conception, the embryo will soon develop in a good blood supply. And this is very important!

Often pregnant women coming to the reception to complain of pain in the neck, waist, back, migraines, heartburn, shortness of breath. Osteopath task - to remove the cause of these phenomena and the body to adapt to the new conditions, as well as to prepare for the upcoming birth pelvis, as it allows the woman's condition. In fact, during pregnancy a woman's body is changing every week, every month, due to the growing uterus, and the properties of the ligament under the influence of hormones change.

Osteopathy in infertility and pregnancy: what is the difference / istockphoto.com

Exercises to help prepare for pregnancy and childbirth

1. Butterfly Sit on the floor, bending his legs and connecting the foot. Put your hands on your knees. Try to keep your back as straight as possible. Palms gently push the knees so as to feel a slight stretch. Make smooth swaying motion knees up and down.

2. Cat. Get on all fours, the back - line. On a deep exhale slowly round the back and lower the head as low as possible. After that, inhale, lift your head and arch your back strong, relaxed belly.

3. Frog. On his knees, spread them on the greatest possible distance from each other. Lower the pelvis. Bend forward and lean on the brush. Using your hands, adjust the tensile force. Exercise will help to increase the mobility of the pelvic joints and relieve tension.

4. Squatting. Put feet wider than shoulder width. Sit down, placing the bowl in the middle between the feet, knees and spread. Put palms together, rest in the knee bends and breeding in the elbow, opens her thighs to the sides. Such movements will maximize "open" pelvic joints.

5. Vacuum. Lie on your back on a flat surface, place your hands along the body, bend your legs at the knees, the feet while standing. Take three slow breaths stomach. Take a full breath, blowing from the air itself, as far as possible. Further strongly draw the abdomen, focusing on how to involve primarily the area above the vagina.

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