Children's products, which can be replaced with cosmetics

Momma, you can use the children's Skin and beauty products, if at hand was not an adult means!

baby oil

Oil not only allows you to save skin baby soft and supple, but also perfectly removes eye makeup. Even if the carcasses are not afraid of water, and the shadows have a 24-hour durability, baby oil obviate the problems.

Baby shampoo

Perfect for women who have very sensitive skin, or, for example, your eyes. As part of baby shampoo you find parabens and other chemicals, from which we bake and itchy eyes.

Since you can not only clean the hair, but also to wash using a tool.

Baby powder

Owners are prone to greasy hair, who ended a dry shampoo, powder will help! Spread her hands through her hair and get an instant effect - your hair will be less fatty and begin to smell nice!


Universal tool - lotion safely can use the child and the mother.

It is an effective tool for moisturizing the skin, does not cause allergies.

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