6 types of people who can not use scrub

Scrub has long ranked among the cosmetic products that have almost every woman. But all of it is possible to use it?

Indeed, the scrub - a great tool to get rid of dead skin cells to refresh the complexion, fight cellulite and ingrown hairs. But he has a number of contraindications, which are often forgotten.

There are six types of people who are contraindicated to use the scrub. Check to see if any of them and you.

People after surgery

Scrub because of the abrasive particles causing mechanical damage to the skin. If you have recently had surgery - a cosmetic product may interfere with the healing of wounds, as will wash away the necessary components and injures kmozhnye covers. Be sure to check with your doctor before something applied to the area seams.

People with sensitive skin

It is widely believed that the sensitive skin be sure to dry and thin. In fact, it can be sensitive and oily, and combination skin. If your skin reacts negatively to even minimal external stimuli, it is necessary to exclude the use of a scrub with natural abrasive particles - such as apricot kernel.

You rather scrub suit with artificial particles because they are not injure the skin. But before using it is necessary to consult a beautician and check tool in a small area of ​​skin.

People with inflammation of the skin

It is believed that the scrub - an excellent tool to combat skin problems. In fact, if you put it over the ulcers, acne and other inflammation - and a good rub, then you risk to carry infection, which will only aggravate the situation and appearance of the skin.

With inflammation of the skin must be fought with the help of a special gel for washing, lotions, facial masks, cleansing - and be sure to consult a dermatologist and cosmetologist prior to use of new funds.

Burnt in the sun

Sunburn - it is an injury to the skin. And the last thing she needed in this case - the additional trauma of scrub. While burns will not heal, they should be moisturizing lotion and oils.

Allergy sufferers

If you have a tendency to allergies - Be careful with scrubs and carefully read the composition. If in cosmetics have parabens, polyethylene or phosphates, it is better not to buy. Prefer organic or homemade scrub, which structure you exactly known: for example, on the basis of coffee, honey and salt. However, please consult with a beautician.

People who enjoy Supernatural

If you are struggling with pigmentation of the skin, you probably use the funds that it is clarified. However, these cosmetics slightly (and in some cases significantly) injure the skin. If further damage the scrub, you can not only get scars and irritation, but also hyperpigmentation, because the damaged skin pigment lends itself to greater action.

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