Orthodox Calendar posts and meals on 2019

Orthodox Christian believer it is important to show our love and obedience to the Lord. And for the redemption of sins, purification of the soul and body of Orthodox Christians observe fasts.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church has 4 multi-day fasting, three - day, and should also fast every Wednesday and Friday, except for a few weeks.


Lent March 11 - April 27, 2019

Holy Scripture tells us that Jesus himself was led by the Spirit into the wilderness forty days tempted of the devil and did not eat anything in those days. Lent - the honor of the Savior, and the last Holy Week (Week) this post is set to honor the memories of the last days of the earthly life, suffering and death of Jesus Christ.

Particularly strict fasting is the first and the Holy Week.

The Clean Monday adopted total abstinence from food. Other days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - xerophagy (water, bread, fruits, vegetables, fruit drinks); Tuesday, Thursday - hot food without oil; Saturday and Sunday - food with vegetable oil.

The fish can be eaten in the Annunciation (April 7, 2019) and on Palm Sunday (April 21, 2019). On Lazarus Saturday (20 April 2019) allowed fish roe. On Good Friday (26 April) it is necessary to prepare for Communion to the removal of the shroud.


Petrov (Apostolic) Post June 24 - July 11, 2019

This post before the holiday in honor of the Apostles Peter and Paul, and its duration is different. It depends on how early or late was Easter.

Petrov post begins with All Saints Monday, and ends on July 12.

Xerophagy to this site only on Wednesdays and Fridays, and on Monday ruled out the vegetable oil. In the remaining days can be eaten any food, except for milk, meat, eggs and products containing them.

Assumption Post 14 - August 27, 2019

This Lent the Church calls us to imitate the Mother of God, which before its relocation to the sky dwelt in fasting and prayer.

This post is quite strict: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - xerophagy, Saturday and Sunday allowed food with vegetable oil. August 19, you can eat fish (this feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord).

Christmas post November 28, 2019 - January 6, 2020

Charter about the food in the Christmas post is the same as in the Apostles, but only up to the day of Saint Nicholas (December 19). After a day of memory of St. Nicholas and Christmas Eve is allowed to fish on Saturday and Sunday.

On Christmas Eve you can not eat the food before the first stars, then should start the meal with sochivo - cooked with honey wheat or boiled rice with raisins.


day positions

Epiphany Eve - 18 January, the eve of Epiphany. On this day, Christians are preparing for the purification and sanctification of holy water in the feast of Epiphany.

Beheading of John the Baptist - 11 September. It is a day of memory and death of the great prophet John.

Exaltation of the Cross - September 27. The memory of the sufferings of the Savior on the cross for the salvation of the human race.

Day positions - the days of strict fasting (except for Wednesdays and Fridays). It is forbidden to fish, but permitted food with oil.


solid Week

Week- a week from Monday to Sunday. These days, no fasting on Wednesday and Friday. Weeks of continuous five:

  • yuletide- from 7 January to 18 January,
  • Publican and the Pharisee - 2 weeks before Lent with the February 18, 2019 to February 24,
  • Cheese (carnival) - the week before Lent (without meat) from March 4, 2019 to March 10,
  • Easter (Light) - a week after Easter, from April 29 to May 5, 2019
  • Trinity - a week after Trinity from 17 June to 23 June 2019.

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