What happens if you eat boiled eggs every day?

Chicken eggs - one familiar to us foods whose favor underestimate.

Physicians are reminded that without any harm to health can eat 2 eggs daily. Learn more about the benefits of such a diet - in the material.

What is cholesterol?

In fact, eggs are composed of cholesterol, but in particular in boiled eggs, used in the amount specified by us, it does not harm our body.

Egg - an excellent source of useful trace elements, iron, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, vitamins, proteins and fats. Consume this product if you want to lose weight, because the egg in the morning reduces calorie intake.

How useful the eggs?

  • Protecting the brain

The product phospholipids are present which improve the cognitive function of the brain, improve concentration and ability to learn.

  • Good vision
Eggs contain high amounts of lutein, a substance is consumed to maintain good vision at the age of maturity.
  • Strong bones and teeth

If you eat eggs every day, you can get an extra dose of vitamin D, which makes bones and teeth stronger.

  • healthy liver

Phospholipids contained in chicken eggs, which have already been mentioned above, contribute to the removal of toxins from the liver.

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