How to paint the lips

Today we reveal the secrets of creating ideal as a cover, lip alone lipstick and pencil.

These tips will be useful to you in the evening makeupAnd for everyday.

How to choose a lipstick

Contrary to popular opinion, the lipstick should be in harmony not with manicure and not with the dress, but primarily from the skin tone. Following the fashion, not tsvetotipu, you risk to emphasize the shortcomings. Thus, girls with white skin is not necessary to paint the lips cold pale pink: it is only emphasize the painful skin pallor. For her choose cherry, plum and coral colors. For a light beige ideal Nude and fuchsia. But the owners of dark should pay attention to the bronze, red and terracotta colors.

draw the outline

If the lines of your mouth even, symmetrical lips, the same size, consider yourself lucky. If not, do not worry. Shape of the lips can be corrected with the help of contour pencil in tone lipstick. If you want to visually increase the upper (or lower) lip contour Draw half a millimeter above (or below) the natural line. To reduce the need to apply on lip tone basis (the natural lip line hide) and draw the contour of half a millimeter above (for the lower lip) or below (top).

Makes lips plump

Once you have finished drawn lips, emphasize their line using concealer. So your smile will be more expressive, and her lips will seem visually larger.

Save resistance

Even a low-cost, poorly pigmented lipstick, you can carry on your lips all day. For this it is necessary to strike the first layer is then applied to the lips a thin tissue paper, powder lips friable powder and apply a second coat of lipstick.


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