Scientists: you can lose weight without dieting

Scientists at the University of Colorado (USA) have shown that diet is not the main way to lose weight.

As is known, a comprehensive approach to weight loss has always included diet and exercise. Until recently, experts on nutrition convinced - restrictions on food are the main tool in the fight for a new body, and exercise us in this way will help.

But US scientists have come to the conclusion that it is not so!

It turned out that to lose weight you can not limiting themselves in calories, with constant exercise.

Sport not only helps burn calories, but also protect you from returning already lost kilos.

Experts advise people who want to lose 3-5 kilos do not pace yourself diets, just make it a habit to walk more, do exercises, do not use the elevator. At this rate, life will be enough to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, not dieting.

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