The protein in the urine during pregnancy: causes, treatment and prevention

During pregnancy, a woman needs to monitor the condition of the body, because of this depends on the health of your baby. Analysis of protein in the urine - is very important, what it is and from what complications can save?

At the time of pregnancy there is a huge restructuring of the female body, there is an additional load on the various organs. Kidneys - the organs that are experiencing increased stress, and so control should be more careful. To conduct monitoring of these processes, you can use a urine test for the presence of protein. It is this research shows the status as the kidneys themselves, and the entire urogenital system.

Analysis of urine during pregnancy /

If the analysis of urine protein increased, it is necessary to go through a more thorough examination. If the readings are low, in this case, no reason for concern, because small amounts of protein in the urine of pregnant women is the norm.

Normal protein in urine is considered indicative level 0.033 grams per liter. If the performance of the values ​​above, you should consult your doctor.

Reasons for increasing protein in the urine of pregnant women

Despite the paradoxical, cause an increased level of protein in the urine may be incorrect sampling of the analysis. That because of discharge has not occurred distortion of research results, you need a good incontinence wash genitals before collecting.

The reason for the increased protein content in the urine may be a pregnant woman's diet consists mainly of protein.

The reason for the increased protein content in the urine may be a pregnant woman's diet consists mainly of protein. Therefore, before delivery of the analysis should not be abused products containing large amounts of protein, such as cheese, meat, eggs.

Another reason that affects the increase of protein in the urine can be a stressful situation, or any other psychological experiences of a pregnant woman.

Increasing the protein in the urine can trigger strong physical activity, but in this case, such a phenomenon will be temporary and, therefore, safe.

The reason for increasing the protein in the urine during child-bearing may be a disease of the kidneys and urinary tract. In the case of acute pyelonephritis in blood tests may also be observed increase of some indicators, such as leukocytes and erythrocytes.

It is important to remember that there are a number of diseases that begin with protein increase in the urine, and many of They are quite dangerous for both the pregnant woman, and for her baby, until death outcome.

How to treat increased protein in the urine during pregnancy

Elevated protein in the urine during pregnancy /

If the urine tests showed the slightest deviation of protein in the urine, then be sure to seek help from your doctor, who designate resit analyzes and, depending on the research results, an appropriate treatment or refer to a more narrow specialist. In this case, it is impossible to self-medicate in any case, as it can be quite severe and sometimes irreversible consequences.

If the doctor finds signs of pyelonephritis in pregnancy, it is usually assigned a special diet and medication for the relief of the inflammatory process. In the case of a doctor running form can be assigned a course of antibiotics.

In the case of detection of the disease as a treatment for preeclampsia do at home does not, therefore, need hospitalization of pregnant women, some of which will be supervised by a doctor before the deadline pregnancy.

In the case where there was an acute form of preeclampsia in early pregnancy, doctors usually recommend termination of pregnancy, in order to avoid dangerous outcome for the pregnancy itself. In case of cancellation of such a procedure on the part of a woman to bear a child, doctors insist on finding under constant medical supervision, as well as it is a conversation about the generic authorization by caesarean section.

Preventive maintenance to minimize the increase of protein in the urine

Chocolate during pregnancy /

Compliance with the diet, eliminating or minimizing the possible products such as strong tea, coffee, products chocolate, salted, smoked, fried and spicy foods, carbonated drinks, as well as foods high in "Harmful" fats.

Strict control of weight gain, with the help of his daily measurement

Control of blood pressure, which is necessary to measure twice a day or in case of deterioration of the general condition

An increase of protein in the urine, do not despair or upset. Timely initiation of treatment almost always guarantee positive dynamics of treatment. Be vigilant and healthy!

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