6 mandatory products for everyday makeup

Makeup is an essential attribute of the everyday life of every girl.

We collected baseline beautician for each of the fair sex due to which she can always look perfectly every day.

Primer for face

Base for make-up is not required to apply all the time, but just can prepare the skin for the application of tone. The primers can also give the skin a glow or "wet" effect, which is now extremely popular.


cosmetics market is incredibly diverse, and every girl can find here ideal for myself foundation. It is best to have just two options: persistent, firm foundation - for special events and photo shoots, as well as light, translucent, moisturizer - everyday.


Of course, the skin under the eyes is not problematic at all. However, almost every girl is suffering from lack of sleep and dark circles under the eyes. Concealer can significantly alleviate this problem. Choose a moisturizer with reflective effect - then the absence of 8-chasovgo sleep you are not afraid!

Highlighter / concealer

On the wave of fashion in the sculpting and highlighting, every girl should have in her purse matching funds. It is not even about blindly following trends: after applying the tonal framework, natural relief faces as if "deleted" and should define them anew with the help of blackout and lighten vehicles. These products also allow slightly adjust the facial features with the help of light and shadow.


There are selected depending on the input data and the desired result. If you - happy owner of a luxurious sable eyebrows, then you have enough toner or transparent fixing gel. If you want to add intensity, or else your eyebrows are not too thick, then pay attention to the lipstick eyebrow (for graphically finish), eye shadow, eyebrow (for soft finish), pencils and crayons eyebrow (for vectorization and natural hairs finish. Choose a shade of hair color clearly or on the darker tone (for blondes) or lighter shade (for brunettes).


Prefer carbon black with the volume, or everyday brown, without "special effects".


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