5 Ways to where and how to store the bike even in a small apartment

Bicycle - a useful thing in all respects: the vehicle, and to promote health, and to set the mood. But there is a nuance - the owners of two-wheeled friend you need to take care of its convenient and safe storage.

Many people just do not dare to buy a bicycle, because they believe that the space in the apartment for storage there. Very vain, because there many reasons to buy a bike for every woman, but the question "where to deliver," it is quite possible to solve, even in a small "Khrushchev".


In the closet. Even in normal (non-specific), but overall models of cabinets can be successfully attach construction, and for this it is not necessary each time to fold and unfold the bike. Yes, it is necessary to move the little things, purchase two-wheeled friend for cover, thoroughly wash the wheels and frame, but will not stumble on them every day.

On the wall. There are both vertical and horizontal mounting on the wall for a bicycle. What to choose - you decide, based on the parameters of the apartment, the availability of space and aesthetic preferences. Horizontal Clamps - somewhat more compact and beautiful, a lot of designers use them to decorate the interior.


In principle, any children's summer transportcan be placed in the nursery on a wall, it is compact and stylish. Most importantly, teach your child to carefully wash it after the street.


On the ceiling. Also quite interesting option of accommodation bicycle. Please note that for the apartments it is not suitable with low ceilings.

In the storeroom / garage. If at your disposal there is a free space in a closet or the garage - excellent! Would be great if a pre-take care of a case for your beloved vehicle.

Special furniture and velostoyki. Today, there are a huge variety of special furniture for bicycles. Often, it retains the functions of conventional rack or shelf, but it has a niche or a mount for sports equipment. As for the pillars, they are only suitable for large rooms. On the other hand, they are very well kept for at least two bikes. So if you have some furniture, you will surely find a place for a two-tier parking.


Where it is not recommended to store the bike

Open on the balcony. Particularly, in the autumn and winter. Due to temperature changes and moisture may suffer mechanisms.

At the entrance. Your bike can both damage / break the enemies, and steal, and even if you have a special lock he was chained.


Outdoors.Everything is clear. Even if you live in a private home - do not leave your vehicle on the street. Rain, snow, wind lead to corrosion of metal, and by "stealing" you will not be insured.

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