8 signs of a cheap interior

Let's talk about the elements that give the interior a cheap kind - even if you had to spend much on them.

Any repairs and changing the interior of the house takes a lot of time or money, or both, and more. It's a shame, if as a result of investment housing looks cheap and unattractive. Cheap kind does not say anything about the price that had to pay for this or that thing, but you will create a reputation for miserly and tasteless.

Here are a few details to which your interior will look disadvantageous.

Artificial flowers

Even if they look "almost as a natural", that create the effect that everything in this house feykovye and unreal. Indoor plants are now more than affordable, they clean the air and bring into your home an additional sense of life, positive energy. If you have replaced even plants on the artificial dust collectors, what else can you expect guests to you and your interior?

It is unlikely that anyone would believe that the interior was created carefully, with love and natural materials, if it is decorated with artificial flowers. If you do not have money for a real palm tree - better to just do without it and hang on the wall a few small plants, picking up pots in the same style for them.

The abundance of curtains on the windows

If you hang on a window not only tulle, but also a couple of rows of the heavy curtains - congratulations, you have gathered a lot of dust and negative impressions of the guest house. If you confuse the neighbors windows in front or bright sunlight - close the windows-blackout roller shutters. Behind them you will hide no worse than several layers of curtains.

At the same blinds look modern, minimalistic, curl up and become almost invisible, if necessary. And then you would be enough light tulle to make the interior cozy. But in no case do not hang plastic blinds - it is outdated and will make the room similarity office 20 years ago.

Wall tiles with images

Maybe once you thought put kitchen apron (space on the wall above the work area) tiles with the image of a basket of fruit, coffee cups, teapots, labeled "coffee", "tea" - cute and appropriate, but no. Such refinements on the walls of your kitchen is very cheap. The same can be said about tiles for bathrooms with the image of the sea, flowers, islands, people, ships, etc.

At the same time, abstraction and ornaments on the wall tiles look appropriate and attractive.


You can often see the use of wall photos even in design repair in the pages of specialized magazines. But if your interior is being heralded not a professional designer, the 99.9% probability that the wallpapers will look cheap and out of place, would not be combined with furniture and general style of the room.

If the background of your bed - night New York or rainy London street with a red phone booth - what this composition should talk about? What do you like to sleep on the street? By itself, the picture on the Mural can be very beautiful. But competent and appropriate to use it is given not for everyone. And only create visual noise in a small room fotoboi.

Furniture made of chipboard curved shapes

Furniture made of particle board has only one advantage over the rest - the price. It's really very cheap furniture. But even in this category, you can choose the option that will look more profitable and more expensive than others.

Firstly, there should be no curved lines with a claim to a particular style. The simpler and rectangular - the better.

Second, the color. Definitely dark furniture will look more favorable light, but if there is no light inserts, the form will turn gloomy. Choosing a light chipboard, prefer shades that are used by manufacturers of more expensive furniture: muted, not too light and bright, resembling real wood.

"Golden" items

Whether it handles on the furniture, or any metal parts that the manufacturer for some reason decided to "sweeten" - they will look as much as possible cheap. If the item is not gold - that he should be the color of gold, then it will look stylish.

Plaster moldings on the ceiling

The desire to add to the interior stucco, like Gold, it is clear - many people want to live, "the palace", that everything "is rich." But what is appropriate in the huge rooms of the palace, is not suitable urban apartments. If then you have stucco and meter on - wear on the battery, the combination comes not royal.

After all, each visitor to your home will be clear that all this stucco - only imitation and fake, bought in a hardware store. The main thing that you yourself will know it perfectly, then why complicate his view of the ceiling?

Construction of plasterboard

If the structure does not bear any functionality if this structure for the sake of design, it is in the interior of the excess. Moreover, it takes a significant portion of the space, so more and gathers a bunch of dust. The same multi-level ceilings made of plasterboard - it only makes the ceiling below, and the aesthetic side of such a design makes it clear that your views on the interior is outdated.

All of these shelves and niches plasterboard make the interior very cheap and also quite functional. Rid your space from these piles. Do not know what to decorate the walls - do not decorate anything at all, but do not take footage of plasterboard room.

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