Christmas crafts in the technique of quilling: Master of the paper strips

There are kinds of needlework, accessible to everyone, also does not require expensive materials and tools. You can see for yourself that simple strips of paper, you can create real masterpieces. These stripes may be cut from paper residues: color, white, kraft and even unnecessary journal pages. Finished kits are made up of different colors and are sold in office supply stores or specialized for creative.


In November, still do not want to say goodbye to the autumn, because the winter is not such bright colors. Therefore we start with autumn leaves: Print stencil (circuit maple, oak litochka streaked) prepare the substrate of a piece corrugated cardboard, PVA glue, tape, sewing Bulak, we shall cut yellow, orange, red and brown paper strip width of 5-7 millimeters.


Master the tools needed for the job: forceps with flat ends, sharp scissors. Well, if there are special arrangements for quilling to spiral twist and bend the paper in the right direction. Puts stripes "on the edge" of the kennel in the picture, fixing pins and glue.

_3_10The result is amazing! I can not believe that these postcards and pictures from plain paper. We suggest you make a few leaves of different sizes, then fall out of them a song. If the items are large in size, the decorative panels can decorate interior of the house, at school, in kindergarten. Such as green and red modules get "Christmas Star", and we get to the winter theme.


Candlestick, candles, bells, spruce twigs are made of the same or similar elements in different colors, from a set of modules compose different composition. To decorate and furnish suitable white, pearl, gold and silver round beads, sequins, shiny colorful decor.


The same form is used to create a herringbone pattern. 15 green and one brown module make a postcard, round beads post on a tree like Christmas balls. Herringbone not necessarily be green, festive look and blue, and pink. Unusual variant - glamorous pink silhouette framed by the contour of pearl beads. Ground white openwork composition - a rectangle with a small house, the other parts are assembled over the base, the top is decorated star and fastening for hanging. Decor is suitable for home decoration and as a souvenir.


The technique of quilling make excellent delicate and elegant snowflakes. They can make any size, shape gradually increasing. These snowflakes are suitable for creating greeting cards, garlands, decorations for Christmas trees and festive interior. Paper Color select white or pale pink, blue.


Can not do without during the Christmas days of Angels - bright light figures collected from simple elements and hover in the air.


In this technique, you can do anything you want. Here, for example, Christmas bells, Santa in the form of a crescent, a staff Christmas, New Year's ball with a satin ribbon. From flat figures make a multidimensional volumetric composition - simply place on a horizontal surface elements at a distance from each other. If you do not have a Christmas tree, make a New Year's picture on the door or on the wall spruce branches and delicate balls.


Also be sure to ask about how to connect the balls on the Christmas tree with his hands

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