Childbirth at a glance: actress Hilary Duff showed a photo of how she gave birth to her daughter

In March, Hilary Duff gave birth to her third child - a daughter. And only now she decided to show a photo of one of the most intimate moments in a woman's life - her home birth.

They were attended by a large company. Hilary, her husband, her mom (made snacks) doula Molly and, as strange as it may sound, a 9-year-old son. Hilary explained his presence the fact that she wanted to show the boy the feminine strength during childbirth. And she commented on her choice to give birth at home as follows:
“The perfect size of the space, humor, peace and people who supported me. My husband was the quietest person in the room when I wanted to climb the wall. And my little Molly is just an unusual doula who sat with me when I needed to be calm. "

Between contractions / Instagram

Hilary takes various poses - if only it doesn't hurt so much / Instagram

The photographs show that the space is really well prepared for meeting a new person. There was a fitball in the room, which has long established itself as an excellent "pain reliever" during contractions. Ropes that you could grab onto to get into a comfortable position. There is a board in the bathroom with supporting words in different variations.

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"My body and my baby know what to do" is one of the affirmations on the bathroom / Instagram board

"It's hard work - pregnancy, childbirth (no matter how a woman gives birth to a child, be it a cesarean section, home childbirth or childbirth in the clinic), breastfeeding, raising these little creatures so that they grow up kind and honest citizens the world. It's a tiring, charming and wonderful adventure. "

Next to Hilary all the time of her doula / Instagram

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