The old woman after 40, regardless of the figure?

In the pursuit of beauty and youth, some women spend a huge amount of money, not noticing that one of the problems can be solved much easier.

Trainer, nutritionist and master of sports Ekaterina Romanova in his blog reminds womenThat youth and appearance depends on many factors.

As representative of the fairer sex eats, sleeps, how often do sports and relaxing in the spa? But pay attention and should also be in the correct posture, because it is the key to beauty, grace and femininity.
Drooping shoulders and bent back, look under your feet - this is no one will benefit. This is an old woman, regardless of the type of figure and complexion. Will not help in this case, no plastic surgery or makeup.

According to experts, hunched back affects all parts of our body, even his eyebrows in such a position of the body fall, and are formed on the upper eyelids excess folds, because the back muscles are creeping upward, and the front - down.

Stoop takes strength and prevents think it is proved by science.

If this is your problem, you can start with simple exercises (stand against a wall for 10 minutes daily, watching for the fact that the back remains flat) and adjusting lifestyle (do not carry gravity, looking at mirror).

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