Kim Kardashian, along with her grandmother and her mother shot for the American magazine ELLE

Three generations of the family Kardashian women participated in family photography for the American magazine ELLE. Socialite shared the most successful, in her opinion, staff from this photo session in his Insnagram.

Social network users said that 37-year-old Kim, her 62-year-old mother, Kris Jenner, and 83-year-old grandmother Mary Jo Houghton, look almost like sisters. And if Chris often appears in gossip columns, supporting any initiatives of its children, Mary Jo does not like to shine in public. Nevertheless, she agreed to make an exception and take part in the filming of the family to support her granddaughter. As we can see, all the ladies of the family Kardashian, having the nature of the beautiful black hair, appeared before us in the form of blondes.


Model selection was not random for a photo shoot. Its purpose - to draw attention to the output of 23 March this year a new collection konsillerov KKW Beauty cosmetics line that Kim Kardashian has launched in June last year. The concept is that the data are suitable konsillery ladies of any age between 20 and 80 years.

And be sure to ask, what kind of relationship developed between the children in the Kardashian family.